have you guys met my aunt?…

sumru: hey sophie? sophie?

sophie: …mmmyeah?

sumru: oh, were you sleeping?

sophie: yeah, it’s okay.

sumru: if i dye my hair again today, do you think it’ll fall out?

sophie: i don’t know, i’ve never dyed my hair before…

sumru: i’ll buy a really expensive hair dye this time… ok, thank you, go back to sleep.


it’s almost two in the morning and for the first time in two weeks i was actually asleep. i had a really long day, and when i came home i just crashed; i’ve been out cold since like eleven.

so, like five minuted ago i was sound asleep and dreaming of something fairly pleasant (which is a change from my normal, mind bending nightmares), when the phone rang, right next to my bed… i picked it up in sort of a daze, and tried my very best to sound coherent. no need, apparently:

“hello?… hello??… hey, what is this? i can hear you moving… hello??? ok, you know if you’re not saying anything, i’m saying goodbye, this is ridiculous… oh come on i can hear you rustling, what the hell is this!?!?”

i finally hung up. and yes i did hesitate, but just for a second, before deciding that peace of mind really is priceless; i *69ed the bastard!

i have three words for you: KEYLOCK, YOU ASS!!!

i’m going back to bed. back to sleep is another story…


definitely time for bed (3:13am)… but first:

i had to take some antibiotics (NOT for a sinus infection…) so i had to eat something with them. i went into the kitchen and despite the fact that judy bought $200 worth of groceries today, there’s still precious little food to be had. so i decided to go searching way up in the top of the cupboard to see if i could find anything even remotely ineresting. as it turns out i found a pouch of salep (a turkish root powder you make into sweet milky stuff) that i plan to rip off when i leave here, and a packet of beef flavored smack ramen with an expiration date of 02 22 03. your guess is as good as mine as to which one of those is the year, and which is the month…

so i think to myself, “meh, expiration dates are for suckers. this smack ramen looks way more exciting than my mr. noodles.” i get a pot of water, set it to boil. and then i pick up my happy packet of smack ramen and pull it open along the little flap thing. and i look at the smack ramen to see if it looks any different from my usual fare of mr. noodles, or just plain regular ramen. and as i study this smack ramen closer and closer i notice something that looks like a small brown stain…

“holy shit, this smack ramen has a worm in it!!! but… i don’t understand, it was- oh my god, there’s another one!! what the hell? there’s one that’s actually smack ramen color!!!”

i can’t tell you how long i stood there, studying this worm infested smack ramen before i actually threw it out, but i think it was somewhere in the neighborhood of six or seven minutes. i turned off the water (that was at full boil) and retreated (yeah, it felt like i was retreating) to my room. that damn packet of smack ramen is going to have me paranoid for days… because if a worm can get into a sealed smack ramen packet, then they can get anywhere. stupid smack ramen!

11… not bad.


james is, as of today, officially a black belt in karate. i’m so proud of him. and so scared of him. and so in love with him. good job james.

i think the people in my film group have been feeling a bit of apathy towards our end of the year project (i think this because i feel it too) so we’ve been blowing it off for a while now. the thing is, my relatively limited experience with working on films has given me only one concrete piece of knowledge: making a film is always a long process. some doubts have been voicing themselves inside my head as to whether we are going to actually get this done…

and now i find myself alone in my room with my mug of cornflakes, into which i’ve put several spoonfuls of frozen blueberries. and although my joy at the now purple color of the milk is great, i am nevertheless faced with a rather difficult decision. should i wait for the cereal to warm just a little, giving the blueberries time to thaw and the flakes time to get soggy; or should i just crunch through everything now without tasting a damn thing? sigh. life is hard.


so i’ve been feeling less than great all night.

luckily something great happened to cheer me up… it involved my cousin screaming obscenities at my grandmother, myself and her mother (over the phone) because nene laughed at her eating some french fries. the highlight of the incident was when judy slammed the phone on her finger while trying to hang up on her mum. she slammed it so hard that bits of the phone went flying, but she kept her mouth shut and suffered silently (with just a few little hand shaking motions and one whispered “ow”) so as not to look like a spaz.

all kidding aside, my family is composed entirely (and i do mean entirely) of very crazy people. and as sad as that is it’s usually funny too, so that makes it ok, right?


i went to the doctor, this past friday…

apparently i have the most amazing sinus infection ever. i’ve had it since december 2002 and, while the more obvious symptoms (blocked nose, sore throat, sinus pressure) have long since disappeared, it apparently persists (despite the antibiotics i was prescribed when it was first diagnosed last year…). what’s more, this incredible infection had the ability to cause me headaches, nausea and insomnia in NOVEMBER of 2002, a month before it even entered my body. these manifestations of this horrific disease were the reasons for both that original appointment and this most recent one, as they continue to remain to this day. but my doctor was very vigilant, and immediatley suspected that i was still under attack by this evil (that’s right EVIL) sinus ailment. with the tips of his fingers he tapped me several times around eyes, and when i admitted to him that this did in fact feel quite unpleasant his suspicions were confrimed.

professional diagnosis: sinus infection
solution: more antibiotics

sophie’s diagnosis: damn retard idiot
solution: new doctor