james is, as of today, officially a black belt in karate. i’m so proud of him. and so scared of him. and so in love with him. good job james.

i think the people in my film group have been feeling a bit of apathy towards our end of the year project (i think this because i feel it too) so we’ve been blowing it off for a while now. the thing is, my relatively limited experience with working on films has given me only one concrete piece of knowledge: making a film is always a long process. some doubts have been voicing themselves inside my head as to whether we are going to actually get this done…

and now i find myself alone in my room with my mug of cornflakes, into which i’ve put several spoonfuls of frozen blueberries. and although my joy at the now purple color of the milk is great, i am nevertheless faced with a rather difficult decision. should i wait for the cereal to warm just a little, giving the blueberries time to thaw and the flakes time to get soggy; or should i just crunch through everything now without tasting a damn thing? sigh. life is hard.

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