definitely time for bed (3:13am)… but first:

i had to take some antibiotics (NOT for a sinus infection…) so i had to eat something with them. i went into the kitchen and despite the fact that judy bought $200 worth of groceries today, there’s still precious little food to be had. so i decided to go searching way up in the top of the cupboard to see if i could find anything even remotely ineresting. as it turns out i found a pouch of salep (a turkish root powder you make into sweet milky stuff) that i plan to rip off when i leave here, and a packet of beef flavored smack ramen with an expiration date of 02 22 03. your guess is as good as mine as to which one of those is the year, and which is the month…

so i think to myself, “meh, expiration dates are for suckers. this smack ramen looks way more exciting than my mr. noodles.” i get a pot of water, set it to boil. and then i pick up my happy packet of smack ramen and pull it open along the little flap thing. and i look at the smack ramen to see if it looks any different from my usual fare of mr. noodles, or just plain regular ramen. and as i study this smack ramen closer and closer i notice something that looks like a small brown stain…

“holy shit, this smack ramen has a worm in it!!! but… i don’t understand, it was- oh my god, there’s another one!! what the hell? there’s one that’s actually smack ramen color!!!”

i can’t tell you how long i stood there, studying this worm infested smack ramen before i actually threw it out, but i think it was somewhere in the neighborhood of six or seven minutes. i turned off the water (that was at full boil) and retreated (yeah, it felt like i was retreating) to my room. that damn packet of smack ramen is going to have me paranoid for days… because if a worm can get into a sealed smack ramen packet, then they can get anywhere. stupid smack ramen!

11… not bad.

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