i went to the doctor, this past friday…

apparently i have the most amazing sinus infection ever. i’ve had it since december 2002 and, while the more obvious symptoms (blocked nose, sore throat, sinus pressure) have long since disappeared, it apparently persists (despite the antibiotics i was prescribed when it was first diagnosed last year…). what’s more, this incredible infection had the ability to cause me headaches, nausea and insomnia in NOVEMBER of 2002, a month before it even entered my body. these manifestations of this horrific disease were the reasons for both that original appointment and this most recent one, as they continue to remain to this day. but my doctor was very vigilant, and immediatley suspected that i was still under attack by this evil (that’s right EVIL) sinus ailment. with the tips of his fingers he tapped me several times around eyes, and when i admitted to him that this did in fact feel quite unpleasant his suspicions were confrimed.

professional diagnosis: sinus infection
solution: more antibiotics

sophie’s diagnosis: damn retard idiot
solution: new doctor

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