A memo about capitalization

This blog is not where I try and showcase my efforts. This blog is where I go to empty my brains when they are full and aching. It’s for my convenience more than anything else.

It’s because of this that I never capitalize anything when I post here, because typing with capitals on a normal keyboard can really slow me down, and I already type very slowly.

That being said, the advent of modern technology has brought with it the ability to post from devices that have autocorrect. At this point, trying to maintain any uniformity would mean going out of my way to fight the autocorrect, and that goes against the whole point of this blog.

All this to say that, from now on, sometimes this blog will have capital letters, sometimes it won’t, and if you don’t like the inconsistency, you have come to the wrong place.

some things that have happened since 2012

in no particular order:

i got into nursing school
i got sick and took a break from nursing school
i turned thirty
my brother introduced me to rieta, who is now not only his girlfriend, but also my friend
james got a dog
both the ians got dogs
i got a dog
my cat got a cat
i moved
i went to the doctor (a lot)
i saw some movies in theaters, and some at home
i read some books

aside from those things, life is much the same as it was. i think.