today i walked to breakfast with my james, and on the way through a parking lot i found a single abandoned peanut, still in it’s shell, sitting on the pavement. i was of course overjoyed at having spotted such a treasure, and immediatly picked it up and made plans to go, later in the day, to the park and feed it to a squirrel.

so i held this peanut in my hand, sat it next to my plate during breakfast. i remembered not to leave it in the restaurant when we left, which is more than i can say for most of my personal property. as we were heading back to work i was holding james’ hand, and he worked the peanut out of my fingers and dropped it on the ground, something he regularly does with things i pick up off the street. i asked him to please pick it up, and give it back to me, but he refused on the grounds that it wasn’t his peanut, so he shouldn’t have to pick it up. i did, in fact try reasoning with him, but to no avail, and after about a minute and a half the situation had not resolved itself, and i had not yet retrieved my peanut. furthermore, though it had not become more heated, the discussion showed no signs of coming to any sort of conclusion in the near futur. in fact i am quite sure that, had the small foreign man walking hurriedly past us not stepped on and crushed my precious nut into powder, we could have been there for hours.