I can’t sleep. It is very late, and I have work in the morning. The lightning outside is pretty, but it makes me feel guilty for wanting to stay up and watch it.

Someone lives upstairs now. I hear them drop things every once in a while. I am watching shiny drops of water sparkle as they fall off a dead man’s balcony that’s not even his anymore. This world is so strange, and I feel very alone.

Even so, my Charlie is sleeping, pressed against my belly, and I know that my loved ones are all within reach. This isolation is artificial, constructed by my pathology. While that doesn’t make me feel any better, I know that I am safe.

some notes on my day so far…

my new co-worker, sophie 2.0, accidentally drank my coffee instead of her own.  she insisted that she didn’t have germs.  i told her that i most certainly did, and that i had licked a hobo on the way into work that morning.  then i stole her pass and took it home with me.

i almost took three of my amphetamines instead of three of my venlafaxines. this is the third time that has happened.

reheated chinese food for breakfast is totally ftw.

i am excited about getting to babysit taylor this weekend!

i just watched charlie have a slight disagreement with his tail.  i am unsure who won.