notes, while waiting for the drugs to kick in

went to see USS.  friday the thirteenth tried to stop me, and almost succeeded.  glad it didn’t, ’cause the show was bananas, and seeing james slow dance with steven, and cause a hipster tidal wave totally made my week.  maybe my month.

got to roll with scott, my sensei.  simple guard pass/sweep exercise.  so much fun.

i am older.  this has been making me somewhat depressed.  i feel older.  bleh.

doing laundry gives me a strange sense of zen.  i still can’t find my gi top.

reading “a game of thrones,” and for the first time (i think) ever, i am finding the show to be better than the book.

i desperately want to draw.  and paint.  and sing.

i wish i could share my grooveshark account, without being obnoxious about it.

i need to update more often.

he left me a note

i found it!!!  i thought i had thrown it out!!!  i remember standing over the garbage bag, poised to do so.  i remember being unsure, but i thought i had erred on the side of load-lightening.

my hands are shaking, and i’m in tears.  i’m so thankful.  i kept it.

notes on the last few days

i stayed up for forty odd hours straight.

a creme egg, hidden in my cargo pocket out of love, burst when i sat on it… for several hours.

a man in a shop gave me a present, because that’s what turks do.

i found something that was very, very important to me, that i thought i had lost forever.

i walked a lot of places, in the rain.

i am without my phone for the second day in a row now, and am thus incommunicado with the outside world.

i wore knee socks.

i am scared, but i keep reminding myself how much i LOVE what i have to do, and that no matter what happens, everything will be fine.