i should be studying.

i had no idea anyone other than sam, and sometimes jer, read my blog. i had no idea i had to moderate comments. huh…

so my apologies to everyone, i’m sorry. if there are people out there actually paying attention to this, i’ll be more careful. i’ll try not to be so depressed, try to keep on top of posting more regularly. if i let things slip, please let me know.

also, that’s two comments i’ve gotten on the “poetry” i’ve been writing (one in person, one via the interwebs), which kind of blows my mind. to be honest, i still can’t figure out which posts they’re talking about. i never thought i was writing poetry. i was just writing down disjointed bits of me, that i guess i couldn’t make whole because i was kind of hurting. it makes me feel a little strange that people would find this poetic, but not at all in a bad way. maybe that’s the best kind of poetry: accidental poetry.

ok, i have to go. i have an A+ average in my statistics class, for which i worked very, very hard. the final is tomorrow. i need to be ready cause, ready or not, here it comes. so goodnight, my new found audience, and thank you.

awake, and waiting

six thirty in the morning and i am still awake, waiting to ask a question to which i already know the answer. the music that was supposed to soothe me to sleep is making me cry, and my head just won’t leave me alone, no matter what i do.