that falling sensation

my mum gave me chestnuts the other day that were sprouting roots. they were so sweet, reaching out of their shells for moisture and sustenance. i was supposed to plant them, but i had no soil. i spent every day since then with a nagging feeling that i was destroying something beautiful through negligence. today i finally got the earth in which to plant the seeds, but of course the little exploratory roots had all dried up.

i took the chestnuts, and some acorns i collected and put them on a bed of paper towels inside the lid of an egg carton, and covered them with a second layer. i’ve soaked the paper in water, and left them under the kitchen sink. i am not giving up on the little, half destroyed chestnuts yet. i will let you know how it goes.

the daily lovely, 03/25/2010

hello internet, did you miss me? I certainly missed you.

but i have some positive things to show for my absence. it’s not all hospital bracelets and chewed up plants, there’s plenty of good. as for example, a scene from james’s upcoming animated student film, which i helped with by colouring it. i know the grammar there is probably way wrong, but it’s been a long day. it’s good to be home.

hatchling is not discouraged

the daily lovely, 03/18/2010

today’s bit of happy is brought to you by james who got me a gift that was awesome for two very important reasons. first, it was needed. and second, it satisfied both my need for privacy in the event of emergency visitors, AND my paranoia over being snuck up on, “psycho” style.

shower curtain with iconic japanese wave

shiny waaaave!

the daily lovely, 03/17/2010

i suddenly find myself overcome with emotion at trying to describe one of the nicest things anyone has told me in a very long time. possibly ever.

i have been away, so maybe i should just stay away and not post this, because it is by no means complete. but i had such lovely today. i want to share it, i just don’t have the words.