cinnamon hearts and serial killers

james bought me a tub of valentines day candy, to consume in pancreas-destroying quantities when i decide to quit smoking…

so i took some outside with me to have with my cigarette. i met a guy named steve.  i asked him for a light and he asked me what i did.  i said work and school, history major, going into psych though.  he said “yeah, awesome, pickton, try and get in that guy’s head.”  yes, i read the news all day long, been seeing alot of that guy.  “aw, i love that stuff man, so cool!  i’m a total csi junky, i could watch that show any time of day, man.”

he said goodbye (rather abruptly, actually) and i was left thinking two things:

shouldn’t he wait until he’s already lured me back to his pig farm to tell me these things, and…

why must my brain always associate the phrase “who’s your daddy?”  with every stranger named steve i meet?  why, i ask you, does it never fail?

pretty music makes it hard to concentrate on writing posts for your blog….

good news.  bad news.  life is all about the little details.  haberlerim var:

james is teh awsomes, and now you can see some of the reasons why.  also, what he gave me for christmas was one of the nicest things anyone has ever given me.  i really have to hang it.

i have mice.  monty, theo and ezra.  i caught them fair and square (phoebs helped catch monty, actually) so now they have to live with me!  i’m building a collection.

i have an addiction to nicotine that is scaring the bejesus out of me.  i have several friends and family members with substance abuse problems that are doing the same.

i have a christmas tree, it’s real, and it smells like christmas!  i still have to decorate it…

i have hopes of getting the mess that is my room, my house, my school, my life under control, but the very real prospect of failure is also terrifying.  this is nothing new, i guess.

little miss sunshine is one of the best movies i’ve ever seen.  go see it, now.  drop everything.

i developped a print of one of the only pictures taken of my little cin.  my little brother framed it. 

oh my god, my dad is laughing!  i can hear him over my (loud) music, he’s laughing so hard!  i haven’t heard that sound in years, i think…