this was a good weekend.

no… better than good, it was amazing. but after being a ninja for five straight days tomorrow i enter the real world again. how frightening.

training camps like this do strange things to my brain. for the past day or so i’ve been toying with the idea of making martial arts my life.

sophie: let go of school, you fail anyway. let go of being a filmmaker, it was unrealistic to begin with. devote yourself to this, it will fulfill you. it will give you the futur you don’t have right now.

yeah, that’s it. i’ll be a fucking ninja. baby, i’m a lost cause…


i’ve got a bowl of popcorn (and chopsticks with which to eat it), an entire carton of tropicana orange-mango-peach juice, and i just won a game of spider solitair with four suits…

it’s almost midnight…

i’m going to do my homework.

this is an occasion to be marked!