a warm blanket

today, my iphone was stolen. i sat on the floor, looking up at ian, and asked him if i was crazy. he said, “no, but i gotta be honest, tragedy seems to wrap itself around you like a warm blanket.”

i promised myself i wouldn’t use this blog as an outlet for the often overwhelming pressure and negativity i feel. but i am so tired. the sun is setting, and the glow is so pretty and orange, and it highlights my hair and throws my shadow on the wall. i am so tired, all i can do is cry, because as beautiful as it is, it doesn’t take away the pain in my jaw, or the early mornings ahead, or the hours of homework that are quickly accumulating, or the feeling in my gut that just won’t go away: that i am homeless, and will be for a long time. and it won’t give me back my phone, which was my way of dealing with my ADD, my everything when it came to making my life organized.

so i will sit, with the warmth of the sun on my face, and cry.