the daily lovely, 02/19/2010

today’s daily lovely is a bit of a cop out. it is personal, and possibly (unintentionally) vague, so don’t get your hopes up. but it is something that struck me today, so i feel it deserves its place in the archives of my life.

since i found it a couple of years ago i have thought that xkcd was one of the most brilliant comics on the internet. the author is a physicist with the inclinations of a poet, a romantic, a comedian, a deviant… my admiration for him is ever expanding.

today i was browsing through the xkcd archives when i found this particular, very early, comic of his. it is the last few panels of it that got my attention, causing my breath to catch in my throat, and my eyes to tear up. i won’t go any further, because it’s been a long day and i am again starting to well up. suffice it to say that in this case, to me, a picture is worth well over a thousand words, and what they say is something to which i can relate on the most basic level i have found inside me.

editor’s note: jeremy, in case you read this, i posted instead of numbing my mind with warcraft, while waiting for the drugs to kick in and put me to sleep.

laziness and frustration give way to endeavour -OR- self-delivered pep-talk

it’s true, i am frustrated. i feel that not having the use of my camera to take video is impeding my ability to post. this is, in fact, not true. it may be impeding my ability to do what i feel is justice to the subject matter about which i want to post. it may be making my job a little harder, because instead of letting the camera run i have to compose written sentences, and describe what i could just SHOW you.

but in terms of actually impeding my ability to post? lies and laziness. drive and ability are not the same thing, little girl. nothing is ever going to be perfect, and where would we be if every time something went wrong, we threw up our hands in exasperation, and refused to even try? now, get on with it.

secret plans

you know, i never got this before. the idea that there should be a part of you that you keep hidden away from the rest of the world. if anything, good or bad, happened in my life, i immediately wanted to share it. if i wasn’t able to do so, it often caused me discomfort, to varrying degrees. openess was my default setting.

but recently something happened, like a switch being flipped. maybe it was because i was living in a house with eight other people, sharing a room with another human, and had NO privacy whatsoever. all of a sudden i have become enamored with the idea of starting a new life. that is not to say that i want to leave my old one behind. i just want something else, something more, that the people who know me will never find. a different me that co-exists with the me that my friends, my family, my co-workers, my aquaintances, my WORLD get to see. i want secret plans.

the daily lovely, 02/14/2010

ok, i promise, this is the last crippled kitten related daily lovely. but really, the fact that i couldn’t find the battery charger for my camera, and then i finally thought i had but alex had given me the wrong one… i have been really frustrated and discouraged. kitten gave me enough happy to motivate me to post. he deserves to be the subject.

happy valentines, guys.