oh so very, very tired. and spacey. and disorganized.

yes, yes. long time no blog… so much to discuss.

happy to say that, despite the past few (slightly impaired) posts, i have yet to develop a problem with alocoholism, so all is well on that front.

also my optimism about life, the universe and everything continues to grow, as i am feeding and watering it daily. my plants should be so lucky.

i’ve made a couple of voyages down to my favorite canadian city, the most recent of which afforded me some truly quality time with both friends and family. i look forward to the near future which, though surely busy, will be fulfilling in a way i haven’t felt in a while.

my brother has a great idea for an add campaign, we are gonna see what we can do to get that off the ground.

i have made both a facebook page and a blog (both of which are still under construction) for my aunt, in an attempt to increase the amount of exposure she gets for her art. a link will be up soon! i’ll also be heading back to montreal on the 25th, to subject myself to slavery. art is a cruel mistress, but fusun’s not so bad at all.

in other blog news, the 2 dawg website is apparently up an running, although it is also still in the “tweak this, fix that” phase of things. a permanent link will be up for it soon as well.

i’m gonna be getting a membership to the darkroom at the RA center. any ottawa residents interested in some free darkroom time are welcome to get in touch with me at their convenience. i have a bunch of stuff from japan of which i want to make prints.

i am also looking at drawing, and wire sculpture, since my creative juices have been flowing nicely since the SSRIs kicked in and let quieted the panic in my brains. hooray for that!

uuuhhh, what else is there? can’t think of anything more this second, so i guess i’ll sign off and go back to work. have a happy day, internet population, i hope things are looking as bright for you as they are for this glassy eyed little girl.