you're wrong, i'm right

hey ev, remember when we were watching “my date with drew” and i was like, “who is that chick, i’ve seen her before…” and you were all “no no no, she’s a nobody, i’m a big wanker, la la la!!”?

she’s jenna lewis, from the original survivor. i win. wanker.

: )


i wonder if my purchase of a 120 gallon tank from the man with the gigantic arms in gatineau, that can only be moved by two very large males (the tank, not the man… i think it would take a truck to move him), could be viewed as me biting off more than i can chew.

i wonder if the nice lady will sell me her box turtle, seeing as she’s now “having trouble keeping up with him.”

i wonder if the mouse my cat caught the night before last has had her babies yet.



these fucking afternoon shifts really do me in. they make me feel so restless and panicked that it often takes me hours to recover.

but today is not a terrible day. today i get to touch base with someone i haven’t seen in a while, and maybe get a little taste of freedom.

tiny puddle

sitting at my computer, i see out of the corner of my eye that i’m being watched. not just watched, scrutinized. observed. my turtle has climbed up onto her big rock (something she rarely does, she likes the small one in the corner best) and is watching me sing along to bright eyes. she’s easily intrigued, her curisoity is apparent and engrossing… we spend a lot of time watching each other. she is by far the most zen inducing thing in my life right now, possibly ever.