first things first:
BAHAHAHAAAAA the budget passed! EAT THAT harper, you slimey, worthless, putty-faced wanker!

and after breathing a sigh of relief, and refusing to explain my political views to the world (no, i do not think the liberals are the good guys, i think they are the less bad guys…), i am free to move on with my day.

organization has never been my strong suit, and given the lengthy amount of time i spent incomunicado, and thus the sheer massive volume of things i could go on and on about, i really don’t know where to start… but no matter, i feel like writing. so don’t expect anything grand, and i’ll do my best to get over the irrepressible fear of developping “dear diary” syndrom that has been preventing me (along with many other factors, including laziness, ADD, FFXI, WoW, shawarmas and late night documentaries on the making of pornography, etc.) from writing on a regular basis.

now tell me you love me.