it’s almost two in the morning and for the first time in two weeks i was actually asleep. i had a really long day, and when i came home i just crashed; i’ve been out cold since like eleven.

so, like five minuted ago i was sound asleep and dreaming of something fairly pleasant (which is a change from my normal, mind bending nightmares), when the phone rang, right next to my bed… i picked it up in sort of a daze, and tried my very best to sound coherent. no need, apparently:

“hello?… hello??… hey, what is this? i can hear you moving… hello??? ok, you know if you’re not saying anything, i’m saying goodbye, this is ridiculous… oh come on i can hear you rustling, what the hell is this!?!?”

i finally hung up. and yes i did hesitate, but just for a second, before deciding that peace of mind really is priceless; i *69ed the bastard!

i have three words for you: KEYLOCK, YOU ASS!!!

i’m going back to bed. back to sleep is another story…

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