first day of class

today is the first day of my third year in nursing, and it is off to a less than auspicious start.

when picking a shirt out of the basket of “clean” laundry this morning, i found myself having to choose the one that smelled the least like mold and nastiness, as i apparently left the load in the washing machine for too long after the cycle had ended.  i think i was only moderately successful.

i then discovered, after having left the house, that both my shoes and my schoolbag have been peed on by cats.

i would have gone home to change after having picked up my parking pass, but unfortunately my parents’ subaru wouldn’t start, so a tow truck had to be called to pick it up from downtown.  i had to take the shuttle to school, and didn’t have time to go home first.

when i got to school i went to pick up my school issued bus pass, as it was now my only means of getting home (i have no change, bus tickets, or presto card on me, though i have all fucking three at home…).  unfortunately, the machine for printing the cards is broken, so they can take my picture and print it up overnight, but for today i am shit out of luck.

so here i sit, stranded and smelling of cat pee, and it is only 12:30.  i honestly can’t wait to see what the rest of the day brings.  seriously, what’s next?

A memo about capitalization

This blog is not where I try and showcase my efforts. This blog is where I go to empty my brains when they are full and aching. It’s for my convenience more than anything else.

It’s because of this that I never capitalize anything when I post here, because typing with capitals on a normal keyboard can really slow me down, and I already type very slowly.

That being said, the advent of modern technology has brought with it the ability to post from devices that have autocorrect. At this point, trying to maintain any uniformity would mean going out of my way to fight the autocorrect, and that goes against the whole point of this blog.

All this to say that, from now on, sometimes this blog will have capital letters, sometimes it won’t, and if you don’t like the inconsistency, you have come to the wrong place.

some things that have happened since 2012

in no particular order:

i got into nursing school
i got sick and took a break from nursing school
i turned thirty
my brother introduced me to rieta, who is now not only his girlfriend, but also my friend
james got a dog
both the ians got dogs
i got a dog
my cat got a cat
i moved
i went to the doctor (a lot)
i saw some movies in theaters, and some at home
i read some books

aside from those things, life is much the same as it was. i think.

most days water, powder, eggs, stir, is just a little too far out of reach

having a bad day.  this means all systems no-go.  like, all of them.  i just want some soup.  i want to make a pot of soup for myself, so i can feel a little better with something healthy in my belly.

it’s ok.  i’ll dry my tears for the umpteenth time, blow my nose, and try again.  eventually i will get some soup, or this day will end.  regardless, hopefully tomorrow will be better.  and no matter what, at least i get a tomorrow, so at least there’s that.  i am still, despite everything, grateful.

accidents happen

kitten knocked over my full can of dr pepper. this is sad for two reasons:
1) there is now a sticky mess to clean up
2) last night, when i was hot and thirsty, i could have had delicious, cold dr pepper, but i ignored the can because i thought i had finished it and it was already empty.