poeple’s mouths have been bleeding… alot

james elbowed me in the face last night (i probably deserved it, i was rapping his knuckles and stealing his donair), which resulted in a bloody lip on my part, and moderate feelings of guilt on his. i’ve also been chewing up the same spot at the inside corner of my lip for three or four days (i can see you all wincing, you feel my pain!) that james also managed to mash with the back of his hand in our little skirmish. things are really good with us, it’ll be two years soon.

also, the gimp got in a bit of a brawl at school today over a can of pepsi and some salt, and things got a bit out of hand and well… sayyad ended up stabbing him in the face with a plastic fork. it was ugly. he came in through the glass doors, into the agora, dripping blood and melted snow. his friends were all shocked. then we got him cleaned up and found the gushing wound was all of one and a half millimeters wide and closed almost immediately once he stopped poking at it. he still maintains that sayyad is now on his “list”.

meh. i could go on but i’m tired of talking about blood. instead i think i’ll just sit here and meditate over my beautiful trouble. it’s funny that because of her i look at trees differently now, seeing them as giants instead of seeing her as a miniature. i also see potential for futur bonzais i want to watch grow from seeds. i think i’m addicted.

and as a total aside: jer, i miss you… alot

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