i realize that i haven’t updated in way longer than is reasonably justifyable. in fact, i don’t even know what is prompting me to update right now, seeing as i have nothing important or interesting to say.

it’s possible that it’s because of the classes i am now taking, and the fact that they make me happy and give me hope.

it may be because of the fun new drugs that are doing fun new things to me.

it could also be because of the hat my mother has to eat.

but what i really think is responsible for this return to my long rejected blog is the absolutely exhilarating round of walking tag (all the fun, one eighth the cardio) i just watched my friends and fellow students play in the agora and halls of my wonderful heritage college. i say this with not even the tiniest hint of sarcasm, people: it is as much a spectator sport as any i have ever seen, and it is very possibly my new favorite.

right now, at one fifty-nine pm on january nineteenth, 2004, i am happy.

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