3 thoughts on “breathe me

  1. sometimes the hardest thing to do is give yourself up to the river.

    when i was a kid we used to go swimming in the blakeney rapids early spring and there was this one area the water rushed through that was narrowed so that the water pressure was really strong and swept you away. i got swept away by the river. whats a man next to the strength of a powerful river in full season?

    i think thats what its like with people sometimes.

    its the letting go thats hard. trusting yourself to the rapids and the river to carry you safely thats hard. its instinct to fight and swim and strain for shore.

    i had to breathe someone out that was close to me once in a dream too. so i guess i read your blog now.


  2. Hey
    You sound very sad these days. I hope you can sit back and maybe find a little solace in the Tulips…

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