what are you worth?

last night i found out what i was worth: three days of mourning.

i have made MANY mistakes in my life, and as i look back i realize that the vast majority of them resulted from my trying to hold on to people or things that i loved. well i guess i should smarten up, and learn my lesson already.

i am the only person who will never leave me, i am the only thing that can’t be taken away from me. honestly, that’s fine. i am building a redwood forest, and i am all i really need.

i am single now.

2 thoughts on “what are you worth?

  1. You kidding? Our family… there is no place in the world that you could go that would be far enough away from us, to be considered left. I mean come on… dad… that guy’s got connections…


    but don’t tell anyone.

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