notes on my day

omelets ≠ scrambled eggs. i should stop getting omelets, because no matter how many tasty ingredients are put in it, i still won’t like it, because i don’t like omelets, even though i love scrambled eggs.

while searching out how to do a not equals sign, i accidentally found out how to make an accent aigue! great success!!

appropriate organization and containment are two keys to success. both will help with your ability to find your keys.

inception was just as good the second time around.

my eyebrows are getting furry again. ugh.

mirtazapine may or may not have an expiry date that should be respected. it is difficult to tell.

i can’t imagine a whole week without my mortimer. the thought has been weighing on me daily, but even more so now that a date has been set for our separation.

i love my family. that is an understatement.

i miss my charlie. that is also an understatement. my life, like my apartment, is empty without him.

my apartment smells like men’s deodorant. i blame the newly mopped floors.

i must make a note to learn the appropriate use of the words proved and proven.

i have a terrible problem with doubling consonants, which is apparently common in bilingual people who write both english and french. thank goodness for spell check.

je vous aime tous, mais il est tard, et je veus lire mon nouveau livre avant de m’endormir.
bonne nuit, et que vous soyez bercés dans les bras d’un rêve apaisant.

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  1. I am curious, what don’t you like about omelets? Is it something missing that scrambled eggs have or just that it is different?

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