too early for this

while clipping the papers this morning, i found out from james that the house of commons passed a motion that stated that maclean’s magazine’s october fourth issue was to be removed from shelves due to its “offensive” cover.

it honestly is too early for this, so i’m not gonna get into the nitty gritty of this story. if you wanna read bout it, you can READ ABOUT IT HERE. but i am gonna voice my two cents.

the house of commons is going to prohibit vendors from distributing a factually acurate article about political corruption, because they find the image of a snowman mascot with a briefcase of money offensive? what is going on here?? when i say that we are standing at the top of a hill gazing down at a very slippery slope, and that allowing for this kind of precedent is a hop, skip and a few critical missteps away from a very unpleasnt future, i don’t have to refer to some fictional orwellian regime; there are more than a few from both the past and the present that demonstrate it quite nicely.

didn’t the nazi’s burn books? why, yes, i do believe they did.

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