je suis malade

it’s late and i should be heading to bed. instead i got sucked into watching xfactor auditions on youtube. all of these people, singing poorly and singing beautifully, but regardless having the courage to stand up and let their voices’ be heard.

my dad wants me to take singing lessons, and a huge chunk of me is really excited about it. but there’s a nagging little whisper inside of me that i can’t seem to quiet.

it says that i am hollow inside. that, while i recognize talent, be it musical, lyrical, athletic or artistic, i have none. no voice with which to sing, and no imagination with which to create. it says that i am empty, and on my bad days i believe it.

i am looking forward to singing lessons.

1 thought on “je suis malade

  1. Don’t we all have that little voice in our head that tells us we are nothing? I don’t think it ever goes away, rather you just learn not to care what it thinks. I think its purpose is an overactive self-preservation role. At some point, you stop caring about self-preservation so much though, and its whispers fall on deaf ears.

    Good luck with the singing lessons. It sounds like fun. 🙂

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