updating from stats

i see a beautiful opportunity to more efficiently use my time in this, my wonderful new technological acquisition. this stats class is revue for me, so i can relax and feel optimistic about the future for a second. and now, thanks to my laptop (as yet unnamed) i can record my optimism, and show it to all of you. how lovely!

i really am happy right now. the cool morning air didn’t bother me, cause i was prepared enough to wear a sweater. the sun shone as i made my way to class on time. it seems like minutiae, like details not worth noticing, but i do notice them. and although, when enough of those little details represent unpleasant stimuli, i am somewhat easily exhausted or discouraged these days; i feel that when things are good, i am not one to take clean socks, good food or pretty red leaves on an autumn tree for granted.

i have been taking my pills. diligently. maybe they are working.

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