at work, on speed

yeah.  with a large cup of coffee and a time-release adderall in my system, my brain doesn’t seem to slow or calm down too much, it just seems to keep up with itself a little better. this is good i guess, as i find myself alone in my head with myself; like a kid trapped in an empty library with a poltergeist that randomly pulls books down of the shelves and whips them at his head-piece…

my efforts to study for my upcoming midterm have been frustrated by a lack of appropriate software to match the available hardware.  my efforts at any kind of creative expression have been frustrated by a lack of inspiration and talent.  my efforts at communication have been frustrated by the lack of another human being with whom to converse.  my efforts at jardinains have been frustrated by my complete and total lack of hand-eye coordination.  le sigh.

and yet my mood remains somewhat buoyant, chemically altered to allow for the maintenance of some amount of coherence and contentedness despite the myriad of ways in which i find myself stymied.  es no problemo, juan the cranky phantom librarian has thrown alot of reading in my lap anyway…

or maybe i’ll go build a boat.

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